My first blog!

Intro to my blogging style


My first blog isn’t so much a blog more so of an introduction on to who i am and what i will blog about.

My name is Chantel i am 28, i am a single mum to the wonderful hard-work that is Harry, who will be 8 in December. I do unfortunately have to have a full time job which is for a Facilities Management company in Suffolk. On top of all of that I am actively making tragic attempts to date and get myself back on the market, undoubtedly something you will read about! I blog for fun in my spare time, simply because i feel some people could relate to my daily dilemmas and also because i quite fancy myself as being a bit funny (some may differ).

I have put out many “tasters” on my Facebook and other social networking platforms into the sort of blogger i will be. Truth be told i don’t know if i will be good or successful, but i do this for fun, this will be a place to note my thoughts on all sorts! From boys, dating, dieting, down too being a parent, and too share my funny/sad experiences of all of them, ones of which i’m certain many girls/boys men/women can relate to, and ones i hope that you will all find funny to read!

This week i am on annual leave trying to entertain Harry, who simply doesn’t want to be entertained! Are anyone else’s children such hermits? Don’t get me wrong how technology is advancing it is amazing, but i can’t ever imagine children this day and age just hoping on their bike and ‘knocking’ for their pals to come out to play, god forbid you was to bike all that way and they wasn’t home! We now have phones, computers, Facebook and all of the other stuff that exists that i probably don’t know about. This KID is glued to the Ipad far too often for his own good watching other people play computer games on YouTube…. i will never understand how this can provide more entertainment then me! Or even a day out or a simple trip to the park in the sunshine (when it is out). As parents we all have different parenting techniques and mine can be quite loose at times, as much as i moan about the Ipad i am the first to let him sit on it for longer than whats already frowned upon for a quiet life. I’d also like to think while writing this blog and others that may be reading i’m not the only parent to do so! Please don’t make me feel bad if i am, i can’t deal with the ‘mummy shaming’. What i have learnt with parenting everyday is a school day and i’m still learning nearly 8 years in.

It has been pissing it down all day here in Suffolk so we have achieved F all, a trip to Sainsbury’s is as far as me and the scruff that was my son who followed made it, wearing yesterdays dirty clothes and his bed head which he still had from last nights sleep overs at Dylans. We both went wearing socks and sandals also which i am not even ashamed by and added to the all round ‘vibe’ which we was already channeling. We brought loads of baking stuff, even though it was only yesterday i was putting out the feels on getting a personal trainer. I’m not a big girl but i have put on some timber as of late and can’t seem to reign myself in from eating an overload of ‘shit food’, my jeans are currently so tight in the thigh and intimate areas, i’m sure i will get thrush at any given point . As soon as we got in Harry deserted me in our afternoon of baking for the PlayStation (i don’t even compare to a PlayStation, that’s even more hurtful than a lad ditching you to go out with the ‘boys’). So i thought i would crack on without him and i baked “Oreo and Caramel brownies” and vowed only to eat the one slice with ice cream…. that never happened, i am currently laying on the sofa feeling sick while typing this! While the bottomless pit himself plows into the deliciousness that is a nugget meal from the Golden Arches (McDonalds).

The delicious over indulgent treat

The legend himself with all the things he likes today – this doesn’t include me
It’s 5:40 and i’m ready to hit the hay, it’s true what they say it is hard work doing nothing!

Hopefully i can bless you all with a more sufficient blog soon.

If any mummies have any tips for me to get my kid to like me a bit more it would be welcomed. Or quick and easy recipes to stop me going to the drive thru i will also welcome.

Lots of Laughs and Love Chantel x

Author: itshardbeingagirlblog

28 year old mum of 1 to a little boy called Harry. Living in Suffolk. Work full time and Blogging for fun.

14 thoughts on “My first blog!”

  1. I think your hilarious…and when you rich and famous I’ll cash in on my video of you and gemma doing your weird teeth game! Can’t wait for the next instalment, hopefully minus the thrush 😂


  2. Hi Chantel! Welcome to the blogging community. It is definitely a very supporting one where you’ll meet lots of friends! I can’t wait to read your posts 🙂 xx


  3. Welcome to the blogosphere. It’s fun and you get to meet all sorts of people. Wish you well on this journey. Mothering can be such hard work you need to create something just for yourself too! Thank you so much for the follow 🙂


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